No Experience Required; Security Officer Experience Strongly Preferred

Special Response Officer Wage: Standard Wage + $2/hour more, depending on Security Officer Assignment
  • Translates to $14.25/hour in a Security Officer Position outside the City of Seattle.
  • Translates to $15.00/hour in a Security Officer Position inside the City of Seattle.

Supervisor Wage: $16.35/hour

Special Response Officer / Supervisor Minimum Requirements:
  • Be at least 21 years old.
  • Be a United States citizen or resident alien. (For more information, see RCW 18.170.030)
  • Have no criminal convictions that directly relate to your capacity to perform the duties of a private security guard or that hinder public safety.
  • No minimum education requirement - we train and license!
  • The ability to read, write and speak in the English language.
  • Highly responsible applicant, able to effectively work at ANY and ALL NWSS sites
  • Exceptional ability to efficiently learn nuances of different sites within a short time frame
  • Dependable transportation for prompt response to assigned NWSS sites, 24 hours per day, 7 days per week
  • Driver qualified candidates required (Satisfactory 3-Year Motor Vehicle Driver's Abstract)
  • Willingness and ability to effectively establish relationships and interact, with poise and composure, with different clients, tenants, guests, field supervisors and security officers.
  • Highly observant with attention to detail
  • Exceptional attendance and professional appearance standards

Special Response Officer / Supervisor Job Specifics:

The Special Response Officer / Supervisor (SRO/S) position is a unique position at NWSS poised to provide absolute support during exigent scheduling and operational demands. The SRO/S is a highly demanding position of both flexibility, adaptability and professionalism; both working as a Special Response Officer and Field Supervisor as our operations demand.

A successful candidate in this position will edify our company's values and expectations while working as a front-line employee, but will also excel as a top-level field supervisor during situations that demand increased supervision. A SRO/S will be tasked as a SRO for the majority of their employment, but will cover, assist and develop their skills as a core member of the Field Supervision team on-demand, compensated as an hourly, non-exempt employee based off the duties and expectations performed.

Other core details of the SRO/S include:

  • Must be ready, willing and able to report to ANY NWSS site assignment on short notice.
  • Effectively complete specified tasks within allotted time frames.
  • Expected to report despite disaster or inclement weather.
  • Willing to work overtime shifts, as reasonably required.
  • Train, develop, supervise and support new and experienced security officers.
  • Conduct routine announced and unannounced site and performance inspections.
  • Effectively solve problems and coordinate emergency responses.
  • Follow and provide instructions consistent with NWSS policies and procedures.
  • Develop and maintain a thorough knowledge of all sites for training and response purposes.
  • Help ensure client expectations are consistently met or exceeded at all of our sites.
  • Gather and disseminate information necessary for improving performance and ensuring Post Orders are current and updated.
  • Help ensure that NWSS sites/employees maintain a safe work environment by reviewing/maintaining safety standards and conducting safety training as needed per NWSS policy.
  • Other duties as requested or required.

Special Response Officer Benefits
  • Tuition Reimbursement
  • 401k
  • Medical
  • Dental
  • Vision
  • Overtime Available
  • Holiday Pay Available
  • Longevity Recognition
  • Opportunities for Advancement
  • Advanced Training
  • Employee Referral Bonus
  • Annual Company Social Events
  • First in line among potential candidates for full time Field Supervisor promotional assignment, as available.
  • A complete list of the essential functions of our regular security officer job can be found at www.NWSS.com/employment.

    To Apply for Special Response Officer / Supervisor:
    • Apply online at www.NWSS.com/apply (put " SRO/S " in the " position desired " field)
    • Apply in-person at our office: 14824 Westminster Way N, Seattle, WA 98133

    Then: Call us immediately (206-365-0760) to schedule an interview! We are looking for applicants for immediate hire!

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